Northwest Montana Elk Hunting Montana Mule Deer Whitetail Hunts



Modern Rifle, Black Powder, Handgun, Seven Day hunt

Hunts out of the lodge (Sunday to Sunday)

First Week – October 25 to November 1

Second Week – November 1 to November 8

Third Week – November 8 to November 15

Fourth Week – November 15 to November 22

Fifth Week – November 22 to November 29



One guide per one hunter $4,500.00.  One guide per two hunters $4,000.00 each.  We run these hunts out of a modern log lodge with all modern conveniences.  Normally by this time of year our winter snows have started to fall.  The game is moving down from the high country to their winter ranges.  You will be able to harvest one deer and one elk.  The deer may be either a Mule Deer or Whitetail.  We can hunt with 4X4, horseback, or on foot.  Your choice again.  I know of no place in Montana that has better elk, Whitetail and Mule Deer hunting at this time of year.


Seven day hunt.

Hunts out of the lodge (Sunday to Sunday):

First week – September 6 to September 13

Second week – September 13 to September 20

Third week – September 20 to September 27

Fourth week – September 27 to October 4

Fifth week - October 4  to October 11

Sixth week - October 11 to October 18


These hunts are the best archery elk producing hunts that we have.  These hunts will be run out of our lodge with some spike camps.  This gives us the flexibility to keep you with the rutting elk.  Their location will depend a lot upon the weather.  You may take one elk, one deer, and one bear on this hunt. One guide per one hunter $4,500.00. One guide per two hunters $4,000.00 each



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