Covering the Bases

Updated: Mar 22

It wouldn't be surprising if the first day of your hunt you are walking in a

T-shirt and by the end of your hunt you will be wearing every layer you brought .

The best way to increase your chances of a successful hunt is to surprise Mother Nature

with your gear as much as she surprises us with her unpredictable weather.

Some things to consider when choosing a base layer:

Choose a base layer that is breathable, moisture wicking, odor controlling

and can help control body temperature. We highly recommend MERINO WOOL.

You know your body. Don't overdue your base layer! The key is to limit sweating.

Lightweight-Mid weight base layer are recommended for Archery Hunters

Heavyweight base layers are recommended for Rifle Hunters.

Some brands we recommend:

  • Sitka

  • Kuiu

  • Smartwool

  • Kings Camo

  • Firstlite

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