Lets Talk About Feet

Updated: Mar 22

Yes, We have Grizzly Bears, Wolves, and Mountain Lions in our area.

(we will talk more about them at a later time)

As scary as they can be we have yet to see any of them ruin a clients hunt,

but we have seen one thing stop a hunter in their tracks:


Some things to consider:

Purchase your boots to start breaking them in as soon as possible

Merino wool socks are breathable, odor resistant, moisture wicking and durable

There is always room for weatherproofing wax in a suitcase

The terrain we will be hiking through can be

steep and rugged with unpredictable weather.

When choosing a boot consider

Good ankle support

Water resistant

Harder soles

The weight of each boot should be under 2lbs

Archery Hunters: Non-insulated - 200 grams thinsulate

Rifle Hunters 200 grams thinsulate- 1000 grams thinsulate

Brands we recommend:




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