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We wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves as the new owners of Northwest Montana Outfitters, soon to be Waypoint Outfitters. Even though the name will change, it is our goal to continue providing clients with the experience Karen and Reggie had worked years to build, as well as bringing new energy to enhance and grow your Montana Adventure. Meet our Family: Josh has been an outdoors enthusiast since he was just 3 years old. When Josh was just 9 years old his grandparents brought him on his first elk hunt in Wyoming, instilling the urge to head west. He grew up in his family's sport shop, testing all their inventory from animal calls and fishing tackle to guns and fishing poles. When he wasn't in Pennsylvania racing dirt bikes and snowmobiles, he was north with his dad, a Maine guide running bears with hounds. This upbringing helped him develop an eternal relationship with the outdoors, specifically hunting. As soon as Josh turned 18 years old, he moved to Montana where he became a hunting guide. While Josh was a student in guide school, he was introduced to a guide that had went through the same classes Josh had. Reggie Carper, who took Josh under his wing, mentored him through his classes and taught him all that he needed to know about becoming a guide. Little did they both know that 15 years after meeting, Josh would be carrying on the legacy that Reggie had built. I (Morgan) was first introduced to hunting only a short 5 years ago, Josh and I had been dating for a year when he invited me to Montana to hunt with him and his cousin. This hunt took months to plan for. Once we got there, we backpacked 14 miles into the back country, camping in 4 feet of snow for 7 days. I loved every single minute of it! Little did I know this was a test that Josh had set up. (He wanted to make sure that I could withstand a hunt like that before he asked me to marry him) He let me know that I had past his test after we ran to Las Vegas and got married just a couple months after our hunt. Besides going on crazy adventures with my husband, I enjoy cooking, baking, camping, and traveling with my family. Aubrie is the oldest of the 3 in our blended family. At 11 years old she spends most of her time riding dirt bikes, kayaking and running her coon hounds. She also enjoys her time in the kitchen cooking and baking for our family. Her absolute favorite thing to do is riding her horse with her stepsister Kenleigh. When she grows up, she wants to work for our hunting outfit, becoming the best female hound handler and mountain lion guide in the state. Kenleigh is the middle child of our blended family. At 10 years old she spends most of her time kayaking, skateboarding, and riding horses. She just found her new passion this year while whitetail hunting for the first time. Her absolute favorite thing is taking care of new litters of hound puppies. When she grows up, she wants to become our hunting outfits personal veterinarian, taking care of all the livestock and hounds. Wade is the youngest child of our blended family. At 9 years old he spends most of his time riding his dirt bike, camping, hunting, and fishing. He has been hunting with his dad since he was 2 years old and currently guides us on squirrel hunts for practice. His absolute favorite thing to do is practicing fly fishing and tying his own flies. When he grows up, he plans to operate a fishing guide service. We, as a family, are excited to have the opportunity to invite you into our lodge this fall. Over the next 10 months we will be preparing new dinners, baking desserts, installing trail cameras, building blinds, setting up stands, etc. The kids will not be at the lodge to welcome you, but they are happy to be a part of this experience from behind the scenes. All 3 of them want to thank you for your support and are praying for your success this year!

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