Time to Accessorize

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

I always start off prepping for a hunting trip by trying to stuff a mountain of gear into my pack (which will only hold a fraction of the items I have convinced myself I needed) Every year, without even noticing, I accumulate new shiny gear I want to try out but I don’t want to leave my old trustworthy gadgets behind. I then start to wonder “how is my back going to endure lugging all this weight around?” and that quickly leads me to start a new pile of gear labeled “actually needed”.

Here is a list of accessories for your “actually needed” pile to help you make the decision of what to bring easier

  • Bino Harness- when looking for a bino harness it is important to find one that can be adjusted to fit snug to your chest with a quick draw straps. It is also helpful to find a harness that has extra compartments to carry essential items that need to be quickly accessed (pistol, cell phone, ammo). We use Sitka, Kuiu, and Alaskan Guide

  • Binoculars- We recommend purchasing a set of 10x42 binoculars if you are in market for good all-around power optics. We use Vortex and Swarovski.

  • Range Finder- We recommend bringing a 600+ yard range finder for our area. We use Leica and Vortex

  • Gaiters- we recommend mid height gaiters that will cover to the middle of your shin. We use Sitka and Kenetrek

  • Hunting Knife- Unless otherwise requested your guide will be have all the right tools to get your game caped, quartered and packed in game bags but we always recommend bringing a knife everywhere you go as they are an essential tool in the wilderness. We use Havalon and Outdoor Edge for cape cuts and any pocket knife will do.

  • Headlamp- Arguably the most important item in your pack. You do not want to make a great shot on an elk only to hike to it and realize you have to quarter it up by moonlight. The brands we use Black Diamond, Fenix, and Petzl

  • Batteries- To the same point as the headlamp, they only work with batteries always good to bring extra just in case the pack out last longer than the batteries do

  • Glassing Pad- An item that I am not sure how I did without in prior years. They are light weight and take up very little space in your pack. Makes sitting and glassing a mountain side a bit more comfortable and waterproof. We use thermarest and exped

  • Trekking Poles- your knees with thank you for bringing these. It’s best to use “the lighter the better” approach when picking a good set of trekking poles. The brands we use are Leki, REI, and Black Diamond

  • Pistol/Bear Spray- We want you to feel comfortable on your hunt. We do not oppose either as a way to protect yourself. If you are bringing a pistol we recommend a 44mag or 10mm. If you want to carry bear spray but are flying in we usually have some available at the lodge but if supplies run short ask us or your guide to stop at any local store to pick you up a bottle.

  • Orange Vest (Rifle)- any orange hunting vest will do. We have them listed on our gear list to make it easy to purchase online.

We did not add packs to this list. We will be focusing more in depth on packs in a separate email.

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