Choosing a Guided Hunt can be Exhausting!

Updated: Mar 22

Whether this is the first time diving into research on non-resident hunting or you have been to many hunting outfits it usually starts out with the same nagging questions.

Am I choosing the right location? Is it the right week to go? Am I in shape for this? What if I don't draw? Am I wasting my money? Is this outfit promising me something just for my money?

Trust us, we get it! That anxious feeling right before making a big decision also hits us when we book a hunt with our clients.

Are we going to be able to deliver on our promises? Is the weather going to cooperate? Are they going to enjoy the hunt? Will they even see an animal?

We want you to feel comfortable in the decision to book a hunt with us and will always be available for questions, concerns, or just to chat about your future hunt.

We believe that being completely transparent and honest with clients is the best for everyone. (My worst nightmare is to be sharing a lodge for a week with people that I lied to just to get their money) Although we cannot promise that you will guaranteed punch your tags, we can promise you that we will be doing everything possible on our end to ensure you have the adventure and hunt that you are seeking.

What is your success rate? There is no easy way to answer this question. Statistically in the 2020 season we were at 51% honest opportunity but, so many variables need to be considered. Just last season we had 19 misses, non-retrievable hits, and passes with only 24 punched tags. These stats are from beginning of the archery season thru the end of rifle season and include deer, elk, and bear. In our opinion this is not a number that should deter you from booking with any outfitter unless you feel they are not being truthful. This number could be greatly increased or decreased by several scenarios. To name a few: the weather, the rut, the experience of the hunter in our terrain, whether you are hunting antlers or meat, the caliber of gun you choose, and so many more. Our advice on this is to look at this opportunity as an adventure. You will be hiking through God’s Country. You will be experiencing views that a camera could never capture. Come hunt with us for a week, eat good food, unwind at the lodge, meet new people, challenge yourself, and enjoy all that Montana has to offer. Tagging out is just the bonus.

How hard is it to hunt in your area? With just about 3 million acres of public land to hunt on we can cater to all types of clients. It can be strenuous to hunt in our area but does not have to be. Of course, we are going to try to push you to your limits if we feel your chances of success will be increased but you are in control of your hunt and your week with us. Whether you are in the best shape of your life, post-surgery and limited, or everything in between we have seen it and we have been able to work around it to ensure every client has a great time and feels that their money was well worth being spent on a hunt with us.

Do a lot of people hunt in this area? When I first started out western hunting, we went to a very congested part of Colorado, so I completely understand this question. As an Outfitter we are permitted to hunt 3 million acres, and with our town having a population of only 300 people we get little hunting pressure. We have 3 other competing outfitters in our area but are all very respectful of each other. We might run into another hunter at a trail head but in that case we will either go to a Plan B or we will go separate ways at the beginning of the trail head.

What about the Wolves? Do you have wolves in your area? Have they killed everything in their path? Yes, we do have wolves, no they have not killed all the game, and no we do not “cry wolf” every time we have a bad day of hunting. They really have become a scape goat for some to explain why they are having an unsuccessful season. Even though they are a nuisance we have not experienced them drastically change our way of hunting. The terrain that we are hunting is somewhat open, but we also have thick dark timbered areas that are more of a haven to the ungulate game that we are hunting. Make no mistake, we are aware of the wolves hurting the population of elk and deer but from what we can determine it is more disastrous in the fawning season. Not many wolves would go after a full-grown elk when they can easily grab a snowshoe hare or scavenge a mountain lion kill from them. We understand that some of these points are not scientifically determined but more of our opinion based off our experience.

Are the tags on a draw system or over the counter? Our elk and deer combo tags are on a draw system with a 98% approval rate on the combo tags. Our bear, turkey and wolf tags are over the counter. Our mountain lion tags are on a draw system and typically take 3-5 years to draw a tag. If you do not draw a tag after putting in for it your deposit will be carried over to the next season with you getting the first pick of the week you would like to come out.

Do I have to pay more money if I want to hunt more than one species? Yes and No. If you purchase an Elk/Deer hunt but also purchased a bear and/or wolf tag, we will hunt every species you have a tag for at no additional charge. Let us be fair though, you cannot purchase a fall bear hunt and then come out to hunt elk and deer also. It is set up to guide you on the most sought-after species of that season and all other tags will follow suit. This will ensure that you are able to spend an entire week hunting. It has happened where clients have tagged out on elk and deer within the first couple days of their hunt and purchased a bear or wolf tag over the counter to fill the rest of their week with hunting. Your guide is working for you for the entire 6 days of your stay with us. We have plenty of options for game to hunt, areas to send you fishing, and tourist destinations to check out.

How is your lodge set up? You can find pictures of our lodge on our website in the photo album link. When we book clients, we try to keep in mind the guides we have available, and the comfort they need in our lodge. When booking with a group we will keep your group together in one room if possible. Clients that bring their kids or come as a couple will be put in the same room without any other clients.

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