Youth Hunters Hunt Free

Updated: Mar 22

Before we decided to purchase this business we knew we wanted to use it to give back to the hunting community that we love. The only way to ensure that our sport is preserved and the game animals we hunt will thrive is to continue inviting new people to participate in hunting and conservation. We want to show our appreciation to those that are bringing up the next generation of hunters by offering you a place to bring them for FREE. Whether they are participating in a hunt or just tagging along to learn they will always be welcome into our lodge for FREE.

If I am bringing a youth hunter to hunt with you do I have to pay for my hunt?

Answer: Yes. This is the only way that we can continue to offer these types of incentives for our next generation of hunters. Whether you join the hunt without a tag, or you both participate in filling the freezer a guided hunt must be purchased.

What is the price of a guided hunt and what does it include?

Answer: A guided hunt is $5000 dollars. This is a 6 day hunt that includes lodging, meals, airport pickup/drop off, guide, and amenities.

What is the price of tags?

Answer: Elk/deer combo tag is $1083

Deer tag is $649.50

Elk tag is $921.50

Bear tag is $350


We are on a draw system for elk and deer. The approval odds have been 98% without bonus points. A youth hunter will be guaranteed.

What age do you consider a "youth hunter"?

Answer: Anyone that is 12-17 years old at the time on their hunt.

We do not allow anyone under 12 years of age to hunt but would be happy to see them tag along with you on your hunt.

Can we send our child out to hunt with you by themselves?

Answer: In short, No. Legally each youth hunter must be accompanied by their parent, grandparent, uncle, or aunt.

What is expected of my youth hunter during archery season?

Answer: All clients are expected to be able to draw back 50# to be able to hunt an elk.

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