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Waypoint Outfitters was thought of long before becoming an outfitting business. At 18 years old, directly after high school,  Josh left Pennsylvania to attend a guide school in northwest Montana in 2004 and has pursued a career in guiding ever since.

 With 13 years of experience in hospitality, a passion for marketing and advertising, and a love for cooking, Morgan was excited to start a business in hospitality. They combined their knowledge and experience to start building something great.


About Us

The foundation of Waypoint Outfitters is built on honesty, hard-work, faith, and fun. Josh and Morgan both do the rigorous day to day tasks that come with operating an outfit and still stay hands-on with all other aspects of their business. Morgan does the booking, advertising, and cooking, while Josh continues to guide, scout, and build a team of professional guides. They both stay focused on the future of the business and what they feel will be a great addition to the outfitting industry.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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