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We know how this starts, you're prepping for a hunting trip by trying to stuff a mountain of gear into a pack, that will only hold a fraction of the items you convince yourself are needed, until you realize your back and knees will be lugging all that extra weight of unnecessary gear. Take a load off and pack only the necessities!


Here is a list of accessories for your “actually needed” pile to help you make the decision of what to bring easier

  • Hunting Knife- Unless otherwise requested your guide will be have all the right tools to get your game caped, quartered and packed in game bags but we always recommend bringing a knife everywhere you go as they are an essential tool in the wilderness. We use Havalon and Outdoor Edge for cape cuts and any pocket knife will do.

  • Headlamp- Arguably the most important item in your pack. You do not want to make a great shot on an elk only to hike to it and realize you have to quarter it up by moonlight. The brands we use Black Diamond, Fenix, and Petzl

  • Batteries- To the same point as the headlamp, they only work with batteries always good to bring extra just in case the pack out last longer than the batteries do

  • Glassing Pad- An item that I am not sure how I did without in prior years. They are light weight and take up very little space in your pack. Makes sitting and glassing a mountain side a bit more comfortable and waterproof. We use thermarest and exped

  • Trekking Poles- your knees with thank you for bringing these. It’s best to use “the lighter the better” approach when picking a good set of trekking poles. The brands we use are Leki, REI, and Black Diamond

  • Pistol/Bear Spray- We want you to feel comfortable on your hunt. We do not oppose either as a way to protect yourself. If you are bringing a pistol we recommend a 44mag or 10mm. If you want to carry bear spray but are flying in we can stop at any local store to pick up a bottle.

  • Nalgene Bottle- Water bottles inside a pack are noisy, and camelbacks during rifle season can easily freeze and bust. We recommend purchasing any size Nalgene bottle for a quiet a tough way to carry water.

  • Orange Vest (Rifle)- any orange hunting vest will do. We have them listed on our gear list to make it easy to purchase online.

  • Binoculars- We recommend bringing 10x42 binoculars. As a go-to bino the 10x42 Vortex Optics are light weight and built to last

  • Bino Harness- A bino harness is an essential item for a hunt in our terrain. The harness will keep you binos strapped to you close and will prevent them from swaying on your neck. It is also a useful tool for a bear spray/pistol holster. We recommend Alaskan Guide Series, Sitka, and Stone Glacier Bino Harnesses

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