Mountain Lion w/Hounds

One on One - $6500

Tag Type: Special Draw

Tag Price: $320

​Experience the Chase - $2500

Bring your camera for this experience! Drawing a Mountain Lion tag typically takes 3-5 years of putting in for the tag. Be prepared when you draw by joining in on the chase each season leading to you holding a tag. You will get to experience from beginning to end what it takes to run these lions through this vast terrain with our trained lion hounds.

Three then Free

Come with us 3 times to “experience the chase” and when you draw your lion tag your hunt will be free.

Hassle Free Option

Pay $1000 Deposit to lock down your spot on our schedule. We will do all the paper work involved to apply for your tag every year until you draw a tag. This deposit will go towards the cost of your points and tags. Once you draw a tag this deposit will be put towards your hunt.

Season Dates

With Hounds: December 2nd to April 14th

This Hunt Includes: Pick up/Drop off at the airport, lodging, amenities, meals, laundry service, and your guide. Each hunt is a 6 day hunt from our lodge. We access most of our hunting ground by  driving to a trailhead, and hiking in. We hunt a little under 3 million acres of Public Land.