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Another important part of your hunt is the pack you choose to use. A comfortable and rugged pack is essential to your hunt. When choosing a pack you want one that will last you for a long time. The first thing you need to decide is how often will you use this pack before and after your hunt. If you will be using this pack multiple times and year on hunting trips, backpacking trips, and it will be exposed to the normal every day wear and tear we would recommend getting yourself a pack that will last through that for years. If you only plan to use your pack on this trip and maybe a couple more times in the future then we would recommend purchasing a decent quality pack that is the best bang for your buck.

Stone Glacier: These packs are by far the best packs on the market for packing meat, rugged hunting, and lasting through all of it. These are used by all of our guides and have endured the most grueling pack outs time and time again. They have a great warranty program ensuring this pack will last you forever. (The stone glacier packs favor taller people.)

Kifaru: These packs are built for rugged and tough terrain. With a comfortable and light external frame, these packs can be customized to what you are needing in a pack.

Mystery Ranch: These packs are the best pack for someone looking for something useful, practically priced, and durable. The most popular pack among clients these packs will last you many years for packing out game, day use trips, overnight camping trips

On this trip, you will most likely not need to pack out meat. We encourage every client to partake in the pack out after a kill but the guide and packers are equipped with the gear to carry the majority of an animal out.


Make sure the pack that you purchase has the following:

  • 1500 - 2000 cu. in

  • Internal Frame

  • Hip Strap

  • Chest Strap

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