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Improving your Odds in Archery Season


  • Minimum of 55 lb. draw

  • Fixed blade arrows (We DO NOT Allow mechanical broadheads)

  • Minimum of 450 grain arrow and broadhead

  • Paper-tune your bow with broadheads



  • Weight forward arrow

  • Heavier spline on arrows

  • Have a longer cut on arrow for broadhead clearance

  • Use a NIB to beef up FOC (Front of center)

  • Dull colored fletching (florescent colors are easily picked out by elk)

  • Single Bevel Broadhead (125 grain)



  • A flashy archery set up will not improve your odds of killing an elk, but will more than likely lead to you being busted by an elk

  • The terrain you will be hunting is steep with many obstacles, we strongly recommend the accessories on your bow will be able to withstand going through tough terrain. (Plastic sights are not recommended)

  • Bring at least 8 arrows with you

  • Majority of shots will be made at 35 yards or less

  • Educate yourself on ethical shot placement


Recommended Broadheads:

  • Kudu

  • Iron Will



Very rarely will you be met with a perfect broadside, 20- yard shot while you are standing at a decent angle after you just drew back your bow. If you are lucky enough to have this opportunity, we will most like be congratulating you on a notched tag but just in case, you are not met with such luck we have prepared the list below of measures to take while practicing your shots.


Practice shooting daily

Hold your bow drawn for an extended period before releasing your arrow. You should see your stamina increase each week.

Stand in different positions while practicing.

  • Practice using different ground affecting anchor points by shooting off camber

  • Practice crouching and dropping to one knee before shooting

  • Step to each side before shooting while bow is drawn

Decrease Target Panic  

Hold your pin on the target until you start to waver, let down rest 15 to 30 seconds and repeat. Do this at least 30 times a day before you release a single arrow.

Once you are comfortable with your form, use a blank piece of paper to cover any markings on a target. Shoot into the blank target only focusing on your form, anchor points, and release

Shoot at 10 yards or less at a blank target with eyes closed

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