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An outer layer can be the difference between coming back to the lodge early or sticking it out to harvest.

When choosing an outer layer, you have to consider what time of year you’ll be hunting, what type of weather you should expect, and what type of hunt you are embarking on.



The best place to start is a vest.

A versatile vest can be used during every season and is a good way to keep your core warm but not overheat. We recommend Sitka or Kuiu Vests.

During spring seasons and archery season a jacket that will get you through the chill of early mornings and will protect against wind and rain. We recommend Sitka Jetstream Jacket, Sitka Ambient Jacket, Kuiu DCS Jacket


In rifle season we recommend adding an insulated jacket for those long, cold days of glassing. We recommend the Kuiu Super Down Ultra Jacket, Sitka Kelvin Lite Down Jacket



A water repellent pant with knee pads would be sufficient for archery through rifle season. We recommend the Sitka Timberline Pant, Sitka Mountain Pant, Kuiu Pro Pant


A packable insulated pant is best for the long cold days glassing in rifle season. We recommend the Sitka Kelvin Lite Down Pant, Kuiu Super Down Ultra Pant



The small things to make your hunting clothing collection complete would be a hat, gloves, and gaiters.


In archery season a lightweight glove will work for those later weeks to keep the chill off.

In rifle season a heavier, water resistant, insulated glove or mitten will keep you on the mountain longer. We recommend the Kuiu Northstar Glove, Sitka Stormfront GTX Glove.


Gaiters are an essential accessory to keeping your feet dry and comfortable during all hunting seasons. A mid-high gaiter is good for all seasons. We recommend Sitka, Kuiu, and Kenetrek gaiters.

Wear what our guides wear

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