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Getting in Shape for Tough Terrain

  • An average day of hiking is typically anywhere from 3 – 8 miles per day.

  • We ask that you come prepared to hike at least 5 miles per day.

  • There are many miles of steep grade inclines and declines in our hunting units. You will want to focus on strengthening your legs and knees.

  • If you have knee injuries or suspect your knees could be a hindrance it would be beneficial to start using a knee brace or knee wrap as you are working out.


Some workouts to start doing to build endurance and strength

  • If you can bike on a slight to steep incline this is a good way to build cardio and endurance without putting a lot of strain on your knees and back.

When getting ready for our own hunts we typically bike 3-5 miles per day.

  • Step-ups are an easy at home exercise you can do every day with the gear that you are bringing. Get a low step or bench and start to do 30 minutes a day with your pack. Increase the length of time, and the weight of your pack every week. Do this work out both by stepping up onto the platform and back off the platform in a forward motion and a sideways motion.

If you can picture mimicking the motion used to step over dead fall gracefully. (Dead fall trees are our biggest source of injury due to cuts, bruises, and twisted ankles and knees.)

  • Hiking is always the go to workout to prepare for a hunt. This is also a great way to break in your boots. If you can hike steep grades on trails near you, we would recommend trying to get out for a hike every couple of days. Increase the intensity of the hike each week. If you are doing this on a treadmill, make sure you are at full incline and increase the length and speed each week.


  • If you are bringing trekking poles, bino harness, pistol holster etc. it is best to also use these while doing your workouts. This will help you to pinpoint any spots that your gear would rub or bruise you.

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